Thursday, December 3, 2009

Toddler Talk

So Jackson has entered a new stage...the one where he is awake entirely too late because he is having what sounds like a very riveting conversation with his stuffed animals.  This has been going on for about a week now, the average conversation lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.  He is only 18 months so when I say "talk" what I mean is babble.  I think he has invented his very own language that he and he alone can understand.  Every once in a while he'll decide to throw in a word from the English Vocabulary but mostly it's just stuff like "ahhhhh" or "la de ma la la" or my personal favorite "ticka, ticka, ticka, ticka".  This last strand of words is usually uttered very quickly with no break or pause between each "ticka".  When he first started saying "nana" he was using it in the right context because he would only say it after catching sight of a banana (one of his very favorite snacks) now however he says it every time he wants something.  Our dog Maggie is usually "ga ga" whereas our other dog Sammie gets no verbal recognition what so ever.  No, the only attention he gives poor Sammie is the kind she would rather do without; he particularly enjoys grabbing hold of her short nubby tail and holding it until she pulls away.  The sound we hear most often is the one he makes when he's mad which is way too often.  When he is mad he says "Agh" in a very short and sharp tone and he usually accompanies the aggravated sound by clapping his hands together in one quick motion. If he drops one of his toys he usually gets mad as if he truly believes those toys jump out of his hands of their own free will, if he sees Charlie gives me a hug he gets mad, if he can't brush his own teeth or crawl inside the dog crate he gets mad.  The most amusing source of aggravation is You Tube.  Yes, Jackson is a HUGE fan of You Tube.  He likes to sit on someones lap and watch music videos or anything involving babies.  His very favorite thing of all, in fact I dare say it trumps all other games or toys, is to watch Hank Williams Jr. sing "Cajun Baby".  It is unlike anything I have ever seen, the boy will watch the same video over and over and each time Hank Williams Jr. walks out with his guitar Jackson will grin from ear to ear and usually applaud.  So if he is downstairs and wants to be upstairs watching Hank Williams Jr., or if we walk by the computer without stopping or if we take him away from the computer before he gets bored we undoubtedly hear the infamous "Agh" followed by a quick clap of the hands!  Although most of his gibberish is kind of cute I really can't wait for him to start using the English language, I truly believe it will make my life much easier.