Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm back...for now!:)

So my diary habits continue. Just as a young girl, I continue to go through my little bouts of journal keeping but then inevitably loose interest for quite a while. It has been 9 months since my last blog. The only reason I am here tonight is because I decided it was time to clean off my long list of "bookmarked" sites and found the link to my own blog. I have since spent the last 30 minutes reading over all my older posts which I thought were quite interesting. It's funny how quickly one forgets things; which is of course the whole point of journaling right? So you won't forget things that have happened?

We took our house off the market in October after 8 long months of waiting. Nothing ever happened. Not even one offer. Now is just a really bad time to try to sell a home. We have instead decided to put all of our energy into preparing for the arrival our new baby in February! That's right. I only have eight more weeks before the scheduled C-section. Jackson will meet his new baby sister, Jillian Rose, on February 10th. I will spend the next couple of weeks (out of school for winter break) setting up her room and transforming Jackson's room into a "big boy" room. I am excited about the final outcome for each but sure do dread the work!

Jackson has grown so much since my last blog. We made a HUGE discovery in early fall that truly changed his life. The allergy medicine we had been giving him for a little over a year was having a huge impact on his moods and his personality. When we took him off the meds in early October he turned into a whole new child. He smiles more, laughs more, talks more and generally enjoys life a bit more. I feel horrible that we let a whole year of his life pass just thinking he was a brat. Now we know it was largely due to his reaction to the allergy medicine. Now, this is not to say that Jackson is a perfect child now. No. He is your very typical two year old but he is much nicer to people and his language has improved DRAMATICALLY since being off the medicine. Today he came up to me holding his toy dinosaur and kept saying over and over "See-tops", "See-tops", I just humored him by nodding and saying "yeah" until I realized he was trying to say "Triceratops". He is so smart:) Last night in the bath tub he held up a clump of bubbles from his soap on the tip of his fingers, looked at it very closely and then said "humm...interesting." Three months ago, before taking him off the meds, I was beginning to think he would NEVER talk.

He is not at all interested in talking about the impending arrival of his new sister. He usually just refuses to acknowledge the subject whenever it is brought up. This makes me a little nervous about his reaction when she DOES arrive. Let's all hope and pray that he is more accepting once she actually gets here.

All in all things are going well. Perhaps this is the beginning of one of my journaling moods. I do have some pretty funny stories to share...