Wednesday, December 30, 2009


My friend has turned me into a monster! After being influenced by her obscene sense of perfection I have become obsessed with making sure all of Jackson's toy parts are being kept together.  For the past three days we (Jackson and I) have spent the majority of our time just sitting at home and he has thoroughly enjoyed taking EVERY SINGLE toy off the shelf and out of it's designated home and placing it somewhere else in the house.  Each night after he is asleep I have gone downstairs to put everything back where it belongs.  Before, I would have simply gathered all the toys and their scattered parts up by the handful and placed it all in a basket or just haphazardly on the shelf.  Now however, everything has to be together!  I just spent the last thirty minutes looking for one half of a plastic egg, a blue plastic cup and two wooden balls.  The plastic egg was found in the guest bathroom in the sink (I guess he must have reached up on his tip toes and dropped it in there!), the blue cup was on the dining table (I had forgotten that he had it in his hand at dinner time so when I took it away I just put it on the closest surface), one wooden ball was under the stove which prompted me to fetch the broom in order to sweep the ball out.  This inspired me to do the same under the fridge which quickly produced all the missing pieces to his magnetic car thingy that attaches to the front of the fridge door and plays very loud and annoying music. Since I had considered all the missing pieces a loss cause I bought him a new magnetic fridge thingy for Christmas, so now we have TWO loud, musical thingy's on the fridge! The other wooden ball is still MIA and I fear that I will be unable to sleep peacefully until it is found and returned to it's rightful place.  Thanks a lot Jessica!;)

BTW:  For those of you who did not see my Facebook update...Jackson said "I love you" today for the first time!  He said it three times just like this: "I la ew"

“We are so obsessed with doing that we have no time and no imagination left for being.”
--Thomas Merton