Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas memories

Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks! Since my last post I made it through the last two days of school (before break) which I can tell you was not an easy feat.  A room full of overanxious first graders makes for a very interesting and quite tiresome adventure.  Add the first snowfall of the winter on top of that and you have yourself quite a mixture for pure chaos! On that last day before break I was reading a story out loud to the class when one student raised his hand and says "'s snowing outside."  I paused and then looked at the handful of parents who were standing around the room and could easily see out the window (unlike myself) and asked "is it really snowing?" They all said yes and before I could take my next breath the entire class had dashed to the window to begin their song of "eews and ahhs".  From that point on it was just a matter of keeping order until it was time to go home! The good news was that the snow meant we were dismissed early and I had plenty of time to clean my room and get it all ready for the new year!

The snow was beautiful and's been a long time since I can remember seeing so much white, fluffy, and soft snow!  Jackson was not impressed at all, I am not sure if he disliked the snow or all the clothes I made him wear.  Maybe next year he'll enjoy it more.  So for the next several days I shopped, wrapped, cleaned and took care of unwanted but necessary chores (like groceries and oil changes).  Then Christmas Eve finally arrived and it was time for our big family party which I hosted for the first time ever!  I am officially all grown up.  I am married, have a child, own a home, have a career and plan and organize the family Christmas party...yes, it is done.  I am now an adult.

The party was a smashing success, with lots of yummy food, fun games, Christmas carols,and lots and lots of laughter!  I believe my favorite part of the party was the snow ball toss which involved throwing marshmallows at one another...what fun!  I also really liked the part when we were all sitting together and singing Jingle Bells.

Christmas day began as it should in every household.  We all woke up and lazily made our way downstairs, the Cinnamon rolls were placed in the oven and then we all sat down in our P.J.'s and began tearing into presents.  Well Jackson at least tore the paper on one of his gifts, after that he just wanted to play with the new toy and let mommy and daddy do all the work.  So for about two hours we just opened presents, played with new toys, and enjoyed some yummy cinnamon rolls!  Then we packed up and made our way to the mountains.  It was GORGEOUS, as we passed over Balsam Mountain I was in awe over the beauty of all the trees covered in ice, it was truly a Winter Wonderland.  We made our way to the in-laws home which had lost power so we all sat in the dark and opened a few more wonderful and totally unexpected gifts.  Charlie got a new iPod and I got a new fancy camcorder!  Then we made our way to Franklin which is still as pretty and as quint as I remember it.  Aunt Karen's was a blast as always, we played Guitar Hero and I got to sing the Karaoke part...I had no inhibitions and made quite the fool of myself.  But that is of course the best part about being with family, if they laugh at you  they aren't afraid to do it out loud which in turn gives you the confidence to laugh with them!  So with a tummy full of grits and eggs, a slight headache from the glass of wine which was 22% alcohol, and a baby ready for a nap we got back on the road Saturday afternoon and headed BACK to the in-laws which is always an interesting time (for lack of better words).

We made it back home today around 2pm and have spent the rest of the afternoon doing ABSOLUTELY was a wonderful Christmas!

My husband insists on adding something to the blog...

Charlies thoughts are as follows:
1.  I sure do love those cookies at my mothers house.  They were like "crack" except legal.
2.  slap neck turkey.....gobbagobbally goo.  To know me is to know a child.
3.  I have more technology than I ever would know what to do with....Ipods, GPS systems, walkman stereos, its insane.
4.  I hate godzilla..........he destroys cities.
5.  There's a party in my tummy....oh yeah oh yeah. 
This is the first time I've ever bloged.  Let me know how I did.  I think I have the idea of it but blog is a made up word.  Who knows what the poop it means.  It could be code for slap yo mama.  Time will only tell.  Peace out home boys.