Wednesday, November 11, 2009

product of the testing generation

As a teacher I am well aware of just how much time teachers spend "teaching to the test". I am not proud to say that I myself have fallen victim to this almost inescapable epidemic a few times. However as a very early thirty-something I would not actually consider myself a product of this testing generation...a producer perhaps but not the actual product.

Today caused me to question this notion. I went to the doctor due to some "uncomfortable pain" in my abdomen over the past several days. I probably wouldn't have gone at all but I happened to be off work for the day so thought I might as well have it checked out while I had the chance; rather than waiting until it got worse and then taking time off work. I have to say that almost every time I go to the doctor I leave feeling extremely flighty and quite stupid. The nurse asked me the anticipated question "so what brings you here today" and I felt my mouth open and my lips begin to babble some silly nonsense about how I had been feeling strange the past few days. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't seem to get the words out, I had no idea how to explain the pain.

I found myself wishing their was some kind of multiple choice answer. A, B, C, or D. I can teach my kids how to use adjectives in their stories all day long but when it's my turn to describe something in detail I am left dumbfounded. I am pretty certain that I am not the only person who has had this thought before. So it leaves you wondering about our future. What will the world be like when the true testing generation is in charge...humm.