Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Mother's Advice

I try not to be a "know-it-all". I put a lot of effort into this feat for the mere fact that I despise "know-it-alls". I love advice and I love listening to other moms speak about their own philosophies and practices. I hate it when those moms present these things in a manner that screams "THIS IS HOW IT MUST BE DONE". Almost as if to imply that doing something different will mean the end to any chance my son may have of being a happy, healthy and otherwise thriving little boy.

I like to watch and learn. I like gathering a wealth of information on a certain topic and then choosing which bit of information would best meet my needs or makes the most sense. So to all mother's out there who are convinced they have the answer to everything; please stop! Share your thoughts as nothing more than what they really are. Thoughts. Share your thoughts generously in the hope that maybe your words will in fact help another mother who is simply trying to find her way in the madness of motherhood. But always be willing to admit that just because it worked for you...doesn't mean it will work for every other mother and/or child in the world.

"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother."
-- Lin Yutang