Sunday, November 15, 2009

The grass is always greener

As a teenager and later as a young lady I used to think I was cursed with "childish looks".  I always looked younger than I really was.  When I first started teaching I purposely sought out "grown-up" clothes in an attempt to make myself look older in order to gain respect from the parents of my students.  I even worried about my hair style making me look too young.  As the years passed and I became more and more familiar with daily moisturizers and winkle vanishing creams, I eventually stopped WORKING at making myself look older.

Now, just eight years after that first year of teaching I strive to look young and vibrant.  I had a parent conference last week.  The dad asked me how long I had been teaching and I told him eight years.  He gasped in surprise and said "Really?  I thought you were fresh out of college!"  If he had said that to me eight years ago I would have been a little upset.  When he said it to me just last week I beamed and said "Thank you!"   It's nice to know that although these lines and wrinkles are screamingly obvious to me..apparently they are not to others.

--Jacqueline Bisset